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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

60th Anniversary Participation Certificate Posted by Picasa

Dan Bon # 11, Hwang, Jin Tae, Sa bom Nim, attends the 60th Anniversary in Sokcho City, South Korea

Hwang, Jin Tae, Sa Bom Nim, Dan Bon # 11 is standing directly behind our late Founder/Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee. Hwang, Jin Tae, Sa Bom Nim is identified by the number 14 (photo credit: The History of the MOO DUK KWAN™, Copyright 1996, Hwang Kee, page 28).

Scroll down through the blog and see a current picture of Hwang, Jin Tae, Sa bom Nim at the 60th Anniversary Banquet. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Coins of the 60th Anniversary in Sokcho, Korea

Below are the front side and back of the 60th Anniversary Coin that was available at the Hahwa Resort in Sokcho City, Korea.

Above is a photo of the 60th Anniversary Coin that were created to commemorate the anniversary. ONLY 60 of these were made, this is number 19.

Monday, October 17, 2005

60th Anniversary Program Booklet Korea 2005

Hi Everyone,

this was the booklet that we first noticed at the Sang Moo Sa Store in Seoul, many of us got a handful, and the folks at Sang Moo Sa were encouraging us to grab as many as we wanted. The booklet is really the program with the events that took place during the 60th Celebration in Korea. I placed these up here at JPEGs so you should be able to copy them with some detail. I also published an attachment on the cyberdojang site.

Enjoy. In Moo Do

Roberto Bonefont, Sr.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Wooden Plaque outside the Central Dojang in Seoul, Korea Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005


60th Anniversary of the MOO DUK KWAN™, l to r: Myself, Kwan Jang Nim H.C. Hwang, Master Schepperly, Allen Ruqus, Sa Bom Nim, with the Sorak Mountains in the background. SOO BAHK! Posted by Picasa


At the 60th Annniversary in Korea, 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2005, Hanwha Resort Sorak in Sokcho City, Korea - left to right: Allen Ruqus, Sa Bom Nim, Master Rachael Schepperly, and myself, Roberto Bonefont, Sr. Posted by Picasa

60th Anniversary of the MOO DUK KWAN™ - A Blog with Pictures

I hope you enjoy this blog. Please comment or add to this blog with your experiences and observations.

Roberto Bonefont, Sr.

A Blog of the Trip to Korea to attend the 60th Anniversary of the MOO DUK KWAN.™..

thanks to everyone for letting use your photos.
Subject: Arrived in Korea... Part 1

Greetings to all our MOO DUK KWAN™ brothers and sisters in the cyberdojang.

Well...here is a blow by blow:Long 14.5 hour flight... smooth sailing for all... but very long...Arrived very early in the morning in Seoul, 4 am to be exact, left the airport around 6:30 am, and then the longest day began. Because of some scheduling issues with Walkerhill, we could not check into our hotel until after 1 pm Seoul time, so we were "toured"around Seoul most of the morning and then some. A stop to a several market areas, art area and a Gemstore, left us exhausted and hungry, but we did manage a brunch and the brunch was well worth it, beef bugogi, kimchi, and all the side dishes was enough to give us some energy to meet on the day.

Everyone on the two buses, well the majority already had plans to visit "Sang Moo Sa" in Seoul to order uniforms, patches, belts, etc. Well after the bunch we went to the hotel, we got our rooms assigned quite quickly and 20 min later we were back on the bus to Sang Moo Sa. However, our bus driver had some issues with getting there... so it became a long ride to Sang Moo Sa. Anyway once we did arrive... we overwhelmed Sang Moo Sa in a way only MOO DUK KWAN™ists could...there were so many orders that they decided to complete all the orders and bring them to the Sorak Resort tomorrow. Sang Moo Sa was going to have a business booth at the resort anyway, so everyone will get their "stuff" tomorrow.

After Sang Moo Sa, we returned to the hotel, quite quickly in fact, and now everyone is on their own until tomorrow. Many are going to sleep, shower (lord knows we need it), eat, or go swimming in the pool or use the sauna on the 8th floor... nice ...!

To Lindemann, Sa bom Nim - we got your uniform, it's "good to go" ! We will try to update on a daily basis but that will depend on internet availability at Sorak Resort. Until then...SOO BAHK!

And Happy Anniversary to everyone.

In Moo Do, and very tired,
Roberto Bonefont, Sr.
Region 2

Subject: 60th Celebration concludes... Part 2

Greetings from Korea...Well we did arrive at the Sokcho Resort, the place was a huge in terms of size, we were shortly thrown into culture shock when we arrived in our rooms.

Immediately upon entering the place there was a huge table set up by the Korean SOO BAHK DO™ Association where we received our workout outfits, a stylish jacket and pants set with MOO DUK KWAN™ logos and the 60th anniversary patch on it, plus a dark midnight blue t-shirt with the Moo character on the front and back, very nice. They also had some nice things they packed in a bag for the anniversary participants. Plus you could buy the Founder's books in Korean there, and of course... Sang Moo Sa was there with our belts and uniforms that we had purchased the day before in Seoul. By far the best item there being sold was a large coin with the 60th logo, only 60 of them were made, and you had to act fast to get one, I was lucky to see them right away. Also some very nice coins that were created with the logo and a um and yang symbol on the back...very nice.

Posters, pens, notebooks, etc. all to be had for a reasonable price. We were probably spoiled by the Koreana Hotel, a first class operation. But, when we expected to see two beds per room, we were shortly surprised by the one bed, one empty room rule. The rooms were spacious, even with a small kitchen and small frig, but some one was going to sleep on the floor. The empty room served a purpose, you place these layers of mattress type sheets on the floor and as you stack them, you begin to see ...a bed.

Actually I chose the empty room, and slept quite comfortable, others may have not. However air conditioning was basically non-existent, well at least in our room. After a quick clean up, we headed up to the 7th floor for dinner. If you ever travel to Korea and don't like spicy food... you may find the food ...well spicy. Although the food was good at the resort, I think some people had problems with the type of food being prepared. Next day we basically had free time and many went on a tour to the nearby sokcho mountains, while others stayed at the resort. If you were a Harley-Davidson fan, you were at the right place, as the Korea Chapter of HD was having a riding tour at the hotel, many ...I mean many HD motorcycles were there and on display in the hotel lobby... they even had a rock concert in the rear of the hotel while we were there.

Anyway... next day the celebration, after some rehearsals that took place that morning, everyone was asked to dress in do bok and off to the near by gym...we had to go by bus. Once in the gym we received instructions started lineup and waited for the Kwan Jang Nim and the Mrs. to arrive. The demonstrations were many, excellent displays of Moo Do throughout the evening. Due to some time restraints, there were two demonstrations at a time, and that was good but it became difficult to see two demos at the same time. Awesome performances, especially the Korean children and the U.S. representatives.

All the foreign demonstrations were excellent, and the performances ended with the Host Nation Korea putting on several powerful breaking demonstrations. The Korean children were just awesome. At the end of the presentations, the Kwan Jang Nim invited everyone in do bok to participate in a short clinic type workout, it was incredibly awesome to see so many MOO DUK KWAN™ practitioners on the gym floor, from different countries doing basic ki cho as one.

Different cultures, people, customs, yet when the Kwan Jang Nim said "Ha dan Mak Ki" we all had the same thing in common... Moo Do. No differences, no arguments, just Moo Do! I was just overwhelmed by the sight and continued to think how our Founder's Mission of world peace was beginning to come true as we moved in unison. Even some local spectators in the stands were amazed by the demonstrations and unified movement of all the MOO DUK KWAN™ members present.

Needless to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a unique experience for me because one of my first MOO DUK KWAN™ instructors was there to share in the celebration, as was another instructor of mine, they met for the 1st time at the Nationals, which I missed,but here we all were in Korea together, all as students of the MOO DUK KWAN™ , just an awesome sight that I will never forget.

Thank you Kwan Jang Nim for making it possible.We leave tomorrow afternoon headed back to the USA, hopefully I'llhave a chance to write about the banquet and clinic.

In Moo Do,
Roberto Bonefont, Sr.
region 2

Subject: Korea Update... Part 3

Well, it's about 7:30 am Korea time, and today we leave the land of the morning calm, so far so good. There have been some issues with the tour here on Jeju Island, and hopefully that will be sorted out.

The banquet was huge, a wonderful spread of Korean food in a buffet style, all the kimchi you can eat of course. Led by the Kwan Jang Nim and his wonderful and beautifully dressed in a traditional Korean Dress wife; we ate until our bellies were full. The Kwan Jang Nim greeted us with a humble delivery, as always, was moving to me. Once the Kwan Jang Nim made his short speech, Foreign designees were recognized by the Kwan Jang Nim, he gave each designee a wonderful plaque in appreciation for spreading SOO BAHK DO™ MOO DUK KWAN™ throughout the world.

We were introduced to many VIPS that the Kwan Jang Nim had invited, but the best introduction for me was when the Kwan Jang Nim introduced, Dan Bon # 11. That was awesome. I believe his name was Master Kim, I hope that's correct. Anyway if you talk to him, he insists his dan bon is #9...It was awesome just meeting him.

We then had entertainment...WOW... We first were given a traditional Korean Drum dance, and the dancers were all MOO DUK KWAN™ students, from gups to Masters, children to seniors adults. The leader of the dance group must have been in his 60s, leading the group in dance for several minutes. The talent was unbelievable. We were also entertained by a dance group who performed modern hip hop, it was also awesome and loud.

The last part of entertainment of a modern version of another form of Korean Drum performers. They were excellent and seemed to please everyone at the banquet. After the entertainment, it was time for the foreign designees to present gifts to the Kwan Jang Nim, all stepped up with wonderful gifts for the Kwan Jang Nim and his wife.

As always once the ceremonies and exchange of gifts were over, the Kwan Jang Nim, like he always does, went around to every table in the banquet to shake hands and thank everyone for making the long journey to Korea. Awesome, that's all I can say. I understand after the banquet the party continued to almost 3 a.m.

Next morning, we arrived early for breakfast and because of time restraints again, the clinic scheduled with the Kwan Jang Nim was cancelled, instead we went back to the banquet room, where the Kwan Jang Nim had some other recognition plaques for designees, again thanking them for their involvement in their respective countries. After that, the Kwan Jang Nim posed for pictures with everyone and anyone who wanted them.

At the last minute, the picture taking was moved to an outside location, many of us jumped into vans and were driven to a nearby soceer field where the Kwan Jang Nim posed again for pictures and those that were present were led by the Kwan Jang Nim in performing some basic kicho and Kicho Hyung Il Bu that was taped by our Hosts. There was so much to do, with so little time, we had to scramble back to the hotel, dress and get ready to board buses for the trip to Gimpo airport and those heading back to Seoul. The trip back over the mountain range was even more spectacular since the weather cleared and it was a beautiful sunny day.

There was an unfortunate accident with the buses, no one was seriously hurt, I understand some whiplash and a bloody nose, when one of the buses basically rammed into the rear of the bus in front, which caused three of the four busses to sustain some damage. Once the situation was evaluated, and the injured cared for, we continued on our journey into Seoul. Passengers were placed on the other buses and the drive continued.

We arrived in time to Gimpo Airport and flew to Jeju Island. We were met by the tour host and after a short 10 min ride we arrived at the Crown Plaza hotel, a first class hotel. We arrived fairly late, but we were taken to a local eatery and had a wonderful BBQ Korean dinner, lots of food and everyone at the place I went to seemed to be pleased with the dinner, we even took a group picture. (DOES ANYONE HAVE A COPY OF THAT PHOTO AND ARE WILLING TO SHARE?) Back on the bus and back to the hotel.

The next day after some readjustments in scheduling another tour was organized and unfortunately I didn't go so I can't tell you how it went, but I understand there were some interesting places that were visited. Well, many of us will tour again this morning for half of the day, and around 1pm head out to the airport for the trip back to Seoul and eventually will depart Korea this afternoon for the long trip home, for me back to JFK in New York. With Godspeed, we will all return safe and sound tomorrow. Grateful to have made the journey and be part of the 60th Anniversary of the MOO DUK KWAN™. SOO BAHK!

In Moo Do,
Roberto Bonefont, Sr.
Region 2


Above: Master Roberto Bonefont Sr. and Below: Mr. Marc Enriquez at the Central Dojang in Seoul, Korea Posted by Picasa

Host Nation Korea demonstrates for the Kwan Jang Nim and his guests. Posted by Picasa


International SOO BAHK DO™ MOO DUK KWAN™ practitioners. Posted by Picasa

Ko Dan Ja Women demonstrate for the Kwan Jang Nim and guests. Posted by Picasa

Banquet Celebration. Posted by Picasa

banquet Celebration. Posted by Picasa